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Business Breakthrough Assessment

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10 = I’ve totally nailed this

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1. I have a Crystal Clear Vision on Paper and when I close my eyes of what my business looks like 3 years from now.

2. I have a documented Organisational Chart with Roles and Responsibilities clearly explained for all Divisions of my company.

3. I have created a clear plan to esnure that at least 80% of the Operation of the Business can be delegated to others.

4. I understand that to create a Real, Profitable Saleable , Scaleable Business, I must be the Leader and build a spectacular team around me.

5. I know the importance of having a different Marketing Funnel for each niche I serve


1. I strongly believe in my vision and will do whatever it takes to make it a reality

2. I do not take rejection to seriously when things do not go to as plan.

3. I have created mental strategies for moving out of fear, disappointment or negativity

4. I keep my commitments and agreements with myself and others on my Team

5. I set clear short term and long term goals and create action plans to accomplish them.


1. I have a process in place to convert prospects into high end clients

2. I strive to develop new skills and tools to help me grow my business

3. I have a clear written plan on how to double my profits within the next 6 -12 months

4. I have an implementation plan with steps and deadlines for timely project completion

5. I am confident in my ability to convert my vision into my business reality


1. I historically implement my plans and follow through with my commitments

2. I have surrounded myself with a support team that will help me execute my plan

3. I have an Action Calendar that my Team and I and refer to weekly to stay organized

4. I know what specific Actions I can take to eliminate roadblocks that keep me stuck

5. I have an Action Follow-Up System that allows me to close-the-loop on my projects


1. If eligible, I’m ready to schedule a private, confidential Business Acceleration Call.

2. If eligible, I’m open to discuss my future Business income goals.

3. If eligible, I’m willing to follow a proven system and be held accountable to my commitments.

4. If eligible, I’m willing to invest in myself to create a Profitable, Scaleable, Saleable Business.

5. If eligible, I’m inspired to discover why my own Inner Voice may be holding me back.

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